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I was in a car accident once. I was reminded of it recently because I saw this post on a friend’s Facebook page:

It's like he *wanted* it to be worse

First we were driving along, and then we were crashed into a blue Lancer. The impact scared the hell out of me, jolted me and broke my seatbelt (right across my chest OWWWW). There was a pop, a terrible smell, and when I looked up there was smoke pouring out of the front of the car.

My first thought: “This car is on fire! I have to get out!”

I expected it to explode, just like a John Woo film. When a car crashes, you are supposed to have just enough time to leap out the door, and then it explodes behind you.

That didn’t happen. No explosions at all. Not even a little one. All that smoke was just steam, and the bad smell the airbag, and nothing even caught fire.

Life is much … livelier … in the movies. With more muchness. And then reality hits, and it feels like a metal impact between two cars, and then you have to deal with police reports and insurance companies. Where are my explosions?!

PS Wordpress thinks I want to promote John Woo. So I will. All his films are quality viewing. Just saying
PPS I’ve been staring at the screen for ages trying to find the blasted “Publish” button. Am I going mad?? If you can read this, I probably figured it out.