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So we went to Beverly Hills for breakfast. Or should I say brunch? Well … actually, to be really honest, it was well and truly lunch time by the time we found ourselves sauntering down Santa Monica Boulevard looking for food. That’s because we’re on holiday in Los Angeles and we can sleep in until 11am if we want to and we don’t have to get up and be out of the house by 7am to go to work all day like everyone else. Aren’t you happy for us?

So – breakfast at this rustic little bakery where we sat at a long timber table with all the other diners. We ate delicious croissants and quiche and tartine. And all the time, across the road we watched this endless line of people waiting outside a cupcake shop called Sprinkles. Seriously. People were actually lining up to go to this place and buy a cupcake. We thought they were insane. I may have said something dismissive like “You’ll never catch me waiting in line for hours just for a cupcake – even if they are the best damned cupcakes in the world.”

But then we walked passed and I suddenly realised what all the fuss was about. And then I was as earnest as I had previously been dismissive. I made the boys stop and join the line with me because I saw this:

Hint: it's a cupcake ATM.


 Then we actually bought a cupcake. From an ATM.


Brad: What cupcake do you want? Gen: What? I don't care about the cupcake. I just want to use the machine. You pick something.

Brad: Come here, cupcake. I will eat you up. Gen: Don't touch the cupcake yet! I need it to be photogenic.


See, this is what happens when you withdraw cupcakes from an ATM. You end up with cupcakes. So fantastic.

It was the best ATM experience ever.

Except for that one time when I went to get money out and there was $50 waiting in the tray. In hindsight, that was probably the best.