I said “Wow” when I first stepped onto the Las Vegas Strip for the same reason that everyone does – because of all the pretty lights. Everywhere. It’s like Christmas all the time – only most of the lights were done far more tastefully than the average house with its haphazard collection of fairy lights and blow up Santas and light up reindeer. Sorry, world, but I’m just usually not that impressed by your attempt at artistic Christmas cheer. In fact, I suspect you’ve no artistic eye at all, and probably ought not to be allowed to string up lights at all. That’s why I never let my husband put any lights up at our house (sorry, Brad).

Also, I believe it’s a waste of electricity – when I’m paying for it. But when Las Vegas hotels are paying for it, I’m awestruck.

That’s how hypocritical I am.

But Earth Hour in Las Vegas was disconcerting and eerie. It was almost as “Wow” as the first glimpse of the Strip.


All those lights you still see glowing - those are the hotels that don't care about the environment. (Image borrowed from Earth911.com)

We said to ourselves – imagine how awesome it will look when all those lights come back on. We should totally hang around and watch that happen. But then we got distracted buying a giant margarita slushie, and missed it. What can you do?