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I haven’t really written about San Francisco, which doesn’t seem fair. It’s a great city and we were there for a few days so I should say something about it. I just haven’t felt like writing because I’ve been really struggling with depression and anxiety over the past few days. Especially while we were in San Fran. (You can imagine how much fun it would have been to travel with me in that time.)

So here I am, staring at the computer screen and everything that’s coming to mind is all about food. Probably because I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. My starving mind is trying to hint something to me, but I’m not sure what.

We ate some of the best food we’ve had so far in San Francisco. It’s actually been surprising to me to find delicious food here because I arrived in the US convinced that it was all deep fried, extra sugar, chicken-and-waffles type fare. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat anything, and certain I’d come home super fat. (That said, I’m about to confess to eating burgers and fries so maybe I will come home super fat.)

We went to Crave where everyone stopped and gazed at the menu in complete dismay and couldn’t work out what to order, but my amazing sister-in-law barged straight passed us all and asked, “What’s the best thing on your menu?” She asks that a lot. A surprising number of people don’t know how to answer. Once or twice she’s even put the waitstaff completely on the spot by saying to them, “How about you just surprise me?” Fortunately for the people at Crave, the guy behind the counter (I don’t remember his name but I’m sure Michelle would be able to tell you) recommended the roast chicken and it was absolutely to die for.

This is only half the sandwich because the other half is in my hand being eaten as I take this picture. (Actually that isn't true. Brad took this photo. The other half of the sandwich was eaten, though)

And then Brad, Michelle and I wandered down to Fisherman’s Wharf and were tempted into Lou’s Fish Shack by a live jazz band. We ate crab bisque, clam chowder and a fisherman’s stew. It was ideal for a cold night in San Francisco. (I would just like to clarify, we didn’t go there immediately after we finished eating our sandwiches at Crave. We do actually do other things in between all our eating) 

We ordered this from a burger place on Union Street, whose name escapes me but it may start with an R. Mine had the fries pre-placed on the burger for me so I wouldn’t have to open it up and do it myself.

This burger had a French sounding name. Like the name of the restaurant, I've no idea what it was.

You can’t see the fries in this picture because I opened the burger up and ate the fries first. Also, this nameless place had some interesting light fittings. 

This is called "recycling". I'm pretty sure this is what happens with all your glass bottles, shredded papers and old mobile phones. Soon we'll see our old bills and reminder notices used as wallpaper - probably in bankruptcy prisons. Do those still exist?

You should all totally go there. I recommend just walking down Union Street and looking in all the windows until you see the place with the strange light sculpture. Then you’ll know you’re in the right place. Unless it turns out that the recycling plant that made this light fixture sold them to other places as well, in which case you may not be in the right place. Sorry I can’t give more detailed instructions, but I’m sure you’ll find it.