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I came to Seattle with the vague idea that it is the home of Starbuck’s, grunge music
and the 1990s. So I wanted to get a coffee, go to a concert and wear a Nirvana t’shirt. Unfortunately, American coffee is undrinkable, Starbuck’s is highly overrated, and I couldn’t get concert tickets for Nirvana because they’ve stopped touring or for Radiohead because they sold out. So that joke didn’t really pan out, did it?

See, I TOLD you Seattle is all about Nirvana

However, we did discover that the EMP museum has a Nirvana exhibition so we got to see Kurt Cobain after all. I almost bought a t’shirt that had both Nirvana and seahorses on it – but then I remembered that turquoise isn’t my colour and I would honestly never wear it.

So disappointing, I know.

Can I make it up to you with this lovely photograph of the Space Needle, which we didn’t go up because of aforementioned elevator-related anxieties (also, a complete disinterest in doing so)?

My favourite part is how I'm viewing it from the safety of the ground

At least this way you’ll know I really am here, despite my failure to achieve a single one of my Seattle goals. )Presuming, of course, that you believe I actually took the picture myself. I promise you I did. Unless Brad took it – but considering the amount of foliage in the way, it really looks more like my kind of composition, so I’m going to continue to maintain the claim that I was the photographer.)

Oh, I almost forgot. I found this:

I think this cupcake ATM thing is following me around