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Do you know Brad and I spent six days in Seattle and it didn’t rain even once? I like to believe it’s because we brought the sun with us from Sydney, but to be honest Sydney was very rainy for the whole summer so our weather control powers seem rusty. I’m guessing the gods must love us – or maybe it’s just a strange sort of irony because everyone promised us rain and Seattle was feeling all “In your face, the rest of the world.”

Whatever the reason, the shining sun revealed some spectacular scenery.

The wharf at Mukilteo. Who would ever have thought that an ugly grey beach could look so pretty?

We drove through Deception Pass

The view from Deception Pass Bridge. Everyone should go there.

And saw some weathered old farmhouses that almost looked like toys but they were actually real houses with real people living in them. Or paper people who looked very realistic. Either way? I’m impressed. Also I think I want to get a farm. I might start with a red farmhouse like this, but I’ll let it get weathered and grey and grow moss on the roof because I really like those too.

I'm pretty sure the Three Little Pigs live in here on their days off from constructing things with straw and sticks and Lego(TM)

Oh, also we saw where Christmas trees are made. I sort of felt sorry for them. Jesus didn’t order us to cut down trees, everyone.

See, some of these are the rejects from last Christmas, and some of them are the newbies growing with all their might just to get cut down for next Christmas. Poor, poor trees.

On a related note, am I the only person who feels genuine sympathy and pity for inanimate objects? I mean … trees are living things, right? But what about when you see a tiny little mitten all on its own in the gutter. Do other people find themselves crippled by sadness for that poor lonely mitten? Is this one of those times when everyone is shaking their heads in embarrassed pity for me? That happens a lot …