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Oh oh, I was going to quit for the day, but in my last post I said something that reminded me of a story.

Custom LEGO Pirate

Custom LEGO Pirate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who loves Lego? Everyone, right?!

So one time Brad came home from work with the most pained look on his face and I asked what was wrong and he said tiredly, “My friend at work told me all about the history of Lego today.” And I was all “The history of LEGO!! WOW!!!” as anyone would be.

But Brad shook his head very sadly and it was like his heart was breaking.

“You would think so,” he told me, “But no. Mostly his story was about workplace laws in Sweden. He had nothing to say about the Lego Pirates or Lego Ninajs or Lego Star Wars at all.”

Then I felt like my heart was breaking too, and I patted Brad on the head and told him I was so sorry for him.

What a devastating day.