I love underwear.

I like my underwear not only to match itself, but it also has to match my outfit. My friend Rachel used to even change her shoelaces to match her outfit, and I used to know a girl who dyed her hair to match her socks, so I know I’m not the weirdest person in the world.

When people ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I tell them “I want $300 worth of underwear”. I’ve been making this same wish for years. Most people don’t really believe me – but happily my mother-in-law does, so she often gives me lingerie for my birthday. Then my friends pore over the tissue-wrapped pieces of satin and lace and tell me, actually, it’s really weird that your in-laws buy you underwear, Gen.

Today I spotted the capital of gorgeous lingerie: Victoria’s Secret. Within moments, I had spent $300. No one was surprised. Nor were they surprised when I found “just one more piece” and had to go back to buy it … three more times.

I think my credit card is sad now. 


But I am happy.