The lobby is always crowded. This is because they are renovating and their wifi is currently only available in the lobby – and people are addicted to the internet. I say this as I sit on the cold granite floor of the hotel lobby, sending this post to my blog via email from my Blackberry

(I love my Blackberry, Mr Weston – welcome to my blog, by the way – and also welcome to Miss Four Eyes. Also, I’ll reply to everyone’s recent comments as soon as I have a better internet connection.)

One night in Washington DC we were eating in the Elephant and Castle and discovered they had wifi. We all pulled out our phones and started checking Facebook (everyone else) and our blogs (me). The lady at the table beside us laughed and said it was funny that we were all ignoring each other to play with our phones. I told her, “We’ve been travelling for weeks. I know what these people are doing. I want to know what everyone else is up to” – even though I was checking my own blog so really was just following up what I was doing myself. I’m narcissistic like that.

Anyway, my second fact about our hotel is that the elevator sucks. I may be biased because I hate elevators. Whatever – this morning it refused to come get us so I told Brad we should walk the 8 floors to the lobby to get our free wifi fix. We entered the fire stairs corridor and discovered: there are rooms in the firestairs.

I said that I would feel so rejected if I was relegated to a room in the fire corridor.

Brad, who once worked in real estate, corrected me. “You don’t say ‘reject room’ – you say ‘exclusive’ or ‘private'”

I’m pretty sure that still isn’t right, even if you can sell it with pretty words. I bet AW could confirm or deny the legality of this.