We had an afternoon nap in Central Park. I’d like to show you a picture but once again am posting from my beloved Blackberry and I’ve no idea how to add pictures. So you will have to imagine the soft green grass and the cherry blossoms drifting around us on the breeze…

And then we were sleeping and dreaming for maybe an hour. The lovely thing about sleeping in the park is that you’re sleeping, and you’re in the park (two of my favourites). But the disconcerting thing about sleeping in the park is that children run by you, sounding dangerously close to your face. Sometimes they ask their parents “What are they doing?” And the parents reply “Sleeping” and the children, being as matter-of-fact as children often are, decide “That’s silly”
I woke fully to hear a little girl pleading for her father’s assistance: “Daddy, help me climb this tree.”

The father was dubious. “That tree is bare, it isn’t good for climbing.”

The girl shrieked, “There’s a bear in the tree?!”

I would have laughed out loud. Actually, I did laugh out loud. But I was still half-asleep so maybe I just laughed in my head.

The father was very patient as he explained, “It’s a bare tree – not in the sense of the animal, but in the sense that there is nothing on it.”

I’m not convinced the child was listening to this vocabulary lesson. When I opened my eyes she was still struggling to climb up a single smooth trunk – fearless in the face of the ferocious bear she expected to find at the top.