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So one of the women at work today was very excitedly showing us the itinerary for her trip to Europe later in the year. She was particularly enthusiastic about going to Romania because she heard that people are rude there.

She was all, “Everywhere else you go people are always smiling and polite and asking ‘what can I do for you’ and ‘I hope you have a lovely day'” and then I was all, “Yeah, I hate that” but it turns out she was serious.

She wants to meet the snide and scornful people and she wants them to sneer at her when she orders her meals and treat her like a wealthy brat because she can afford to travel and has accordingly deigned to patronise their country.

She said her husband was less enthused. In fact, he doesn’t want to go to Romania at all.

So she’s booked their stay for a week.

This woman may be my new hero.