We had a workplace clean-up the other day, where everyone was encouraged to clean out their desks – throw away old papers, dust the desks, that sort of thing. The team with the cleanest area at the end of the day would win a couple of bottles of wine, which is pretty damned good incentive, if you ask me. (Sadly, we didn’t get our wine, so either they haven’t actually judged it yet, or our level was forgotten and doesn’t count. Which happens far more often than it should.)

But anyway, the possibility that for once we wouldn’t be forgotten was still good enough incentive for me. Plus my desk was already tidy so not a lot of work on my part. That’s the best kind of free wine.

So I thought I’d make myself look busy by using the Spray ‘n’ Wipe on my keyboard which is actually a lot more work than I expected it to be, with the result that looking busy became real work, which is always kind of disappointing. And then I thought maybe I should clean my phone. I wiped down the whole phone, including picking up the receiver and wiping that too. And then, mere moments after I had finished, the phone rang.

The person on the other end of the line was a bit confused. “You just called me?”

I had no idea who it was. I replied, “Um…not that I know of…?”

Then the girl explained “My phone just rang and it was this number but I accidentally hung up on you.”

And I sort of began to understand what happened. But before I could work out how to explain, she introduced herself (in case that would help) – and it turns out it was Brad’s cousin. Who I’ve never called from my work phone before – or probably ever called at all, come to think of it, considering the joys of SMS and convenience of gmail.

So then I was stunned. What are the chances that wiping down one’s phone would result in accidentally pressing an exact combination of digits that would be someone’s phone number? And furthermore, that it would be the number of someone you know? I don’t even KNOW Alicea’s number so wouldn’t be able to dial it if I tried. But apparently her number is the buttons you inadvertently press while wiping down your phone’s keypad with a damp cloth.

What the fuck?

Does everyone else accidentally call Alicea all the time, or am I the only one who ever cleans my phone?