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I’m known among my friends for being short. It isn’t entirely fair, because I’m not actually that short at all but it just happens that pretty much all my friends are taller than me so they think this puts me well below average height.

At a party the other week, one of my friends commented that she and I share the same shoe size, and she called it “Shameful, because I’m way taller than you.”

I was outraged because she’s pretty small herself. I said no way. She insisted. I said maybe she was taller but “way taller is a wild exaggeration.”

At this point, the jury stepped in. The others at the party debated what constitutes “way taller” and decided 4 inches would do it. Then they ordered us to stand back to back and I reluctantly did it but only because I was pretty certain there was no way I could be 4 inches shorter than the other girl. Judging by the indulgent way they smiled at her claim, I was fairly certain everyone else agreed.

But then, immediately and as one, they cried out “Wow! She is WAY taller than you.”


Apparently I am shorter than I think.

Has anyone else made any unpleasant and embarrassing discoveries lately?