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I hate twilight. Not the vampire thing. I’ve never read it or seen the movies so I’m not in a position to judge.

No, I mean I hate twilight as in that time of the day when the sunset has faded and the birds go crazy, flying around in circles and gathering by the hundreds in the trees and saying “weetweetweet” and all you can hear is their flappy wings flapping and their screechy weetweetweets and they sound kind of urgent and distressed and the whole thing is eerie and sort of chaotic and this music mads me.

For the love of God stop saying weetweetweet
(photo of eerie birds by Jiri Hodan, borrowed from publicdomainpictures.net)

Let it sound no more!

And I don’t like the alarming way the light suddenly fades, and everything becomes a black silhouette against a cold sky, and you can’t really see anything but you can hear those damned birds…

It freaks me out.


I keep trying to explain it to people but everyone laughs. One time when we were talking about something completely unrelated, I happened to call something weird and Michelle said “Whatever. This coming from the girl who’s afraid of twilight” which was a really low blow and then the whole family was looking at her and me like they didn’t really believe it and all I could say in my defence was, “It’s a really creepy time of day” and that didn’t help at all.

But surely … the dark and the silhouettes and the eerie birds … Surely I’m not the only one who’s noticed? Doesn’t anyone else feel anxious about these things?