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Conversation we had while driving through Parramatta.

Gen: Hey that street’s called Early Street. Early is a funny word. Do you think there was once an earl who liked for everyone to be punctual, and that’s why we say early?

Brad: No, I do not

Gen: Or … Is it the other way around?

Brad: No

Gen: Do you think maybe an earl is called an earl because it’s a primitive concept?

Brad: I don’t think the two words bear any relation to each other

Gen: So why is the street called Early? Do you think it’s one of the oldest streets in Parramatta?

Brad turns up the volume on the stereo

Gen: Or maybe everyone who lives on that street has to get up at the crack of dawn? Or do you think perhaps the street possesses earl-like qualities?

Brad: I think you should stop analysing the street name!

Gen: Oh, sorry


Gen: Hey, that street’s called Campbell. Are you happier with that?

Brad: Yes




Gen: Do you think Andy Warhol would be, too?

Brad: I’m going to kick you out of this car.