This conversation happened several hours after I told Kasey that he could only try my Mars Bar slice if he buys a piece from the fundraiser stall on Saturday. After that he didn’t talk to me all night, not even when I tried to ring him, until about 10:30 when he told me he had been out to dinner with his dad:

Gen: I’m glad :). I started to freak out that maybe you were so distracted by my Mars Bar slice that you got in a car accident and died and that’s why I didn’t hear from you for hours.

I thought – what if I never hear from you again?! And I was so sad that I prayed to your angel and promised that if you would come back from the dead I would make you Mars Bar slice for free anytime you want.

Then I tried to call your angel to deliver said prayer – but he HUNG UP ON ME so I retracted my promises in a fit of rage! Followed quickly by more concern for your wellbeing. But also some rational thought that you probably weren’t dead if you could still hang up on me.

Kasey: I love you very much, very crazy lady.

Gen: Crazy?! That isn’t entirely deserved! I just proved to you how rational I can be!

Kasey: Your glimmer of rationality was noted. I am genuinely proud of you.

Sometimes I think Kasey is mocking me.