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Feel free to add any that I might have forgotten.

Anxiety Gen – is almost always in charge but sometimes one of these others takes the reins.

Best-Wife-Ever Gen – cooks fantastic food and is never ever belligerent or difficult to live with and everyone should be totally jealous of Brad because his wife is so awesome.

Cute Gen – so freaking adorable it hurts. Right?

Dancing Gen

Easygoing Gen – because I am easygoing, thankyouverymuch

Friendly Gen – haha. Just kidding. She doesn’t really exist. Leave me alone.

Goth Gen

Hostile Gen – cloesly related to Goth Gen, because when you dress in black people think you’re hostile and leave you alone. See Friendly Gen above.

Irrational Gen – who, me?

Jester Gen – without the funny hat, but often with the hilarious jokes. Right, Brad?

Klutzy Gen – once cut herself on a toothbrush

“Lalalaaa – It’s Friday!” Gen

Modest Gen

Naked Gen – this is everyone’s favourite. (And by everyone, I mean Brad. Other people either haven’t met her or are too shy to admit she’s their favourite)

Open-hearted, open-minded, open-handed Gen – because occasionally I’m much nicer, more caring and more generous than I usually make out. Don’t tell anyone.

Polite Gen

Quiet Gen – because I honestly have nothing to say right now

Responsible Gen

Sparkling Gen – not like those Twilight vampires (I hear). I can’t explain it but sometimes I positively sparkle. Like when I interviewed for my current job. (I kind of pitied the people who fell all over themselves to hire that girl, because she’s rare and what they actually got was Hostile, Anxiety Gen. That’ll teach you to judge a book by its cover.)

Tantrum Gen – because I can’t find my fucking shoe and they’re my favourite shoes and in fact, now that I think of it, they’re probably the only likeable shoes I own and what am I going to wear NOW?? Fuuuck I HATE MY LIFE! I’m throwing all the ugly shoes away.

Unbalanced Gen – hard to believe, right?

Vintage Gen – in pinup clothes

Writing Gen – she’s actually quite good, which never ceases to surprise people

Xylophone Gen – I just made that one up now because I don’t know any other words starting with X. To be honest, I prefer the glockenspiel

Youthful Gen

Zen Gen

So, now that you’ve met some of the many personalities of Queen Gen, I feel compelled to tell you that I only introduced you to them because the hilarious Miss Four Eyes nominated me for the Awesome Blog Content award.

To be honest, when I googled it I found 3.5 million results, so I presumed it couldn’t be that prestigious if 3.5 million other people had it, and really it seems more like a chain letter than an award. You have to say the alphabet and pass it on to 5 other people or else you’ll have the worst luck in the world and you’ll be broke and your goldfish will die and no one will love you anymore. But if you DO pass it on you’ll have fame, glory and fabulous prizes for the rest of your life, which totally makes sense, because where does good luck come from if not from passing on chain letters?

But then I thought about it more and realised that Miss Four Eyes does have a pretty awesome blog, so maybe that’s why she was nominated. And maybe I have one too. Who knows? At least one person seems to think so. And that’s enough to make me happy. 🙂

So, now that I’ve written 26 things about myself from A-Z, it’s time to pass the prize on to 5 lucky people. (Those are the rules, by the way) Some of you may have already received this award, but as a believer in breaking rules, I’m pretty sure that means you don’t have to go through the chain again if you receive it a second time. (Please note: I accept no responsibility if you contract leprosy and your fingers fall off as a direct result of failing to pass on this award. Besides, that’s a myth: leprosy does not, in fact, cause your fingers to fall off. I’m not sure how I got to talking about leprosy but I wish it would stop.)

So, five blogs I’d like to nominate for their awesome content:

Thoughts Appear’s Blog because she makes me laugh a lot, and teaches me how to interpret movies. That film class I did at university had nothing on Thoughtsy.

Laurie J. Long because I know she’s been waiting for this award for her whole blogging life. Take that, Laurie’s husband who won’t read her work! (I bet he’s just jealous)

Carri Ellen Brown because pioneering the world of vodka is important, and anyone who wrote Wake The F*ck Up deserves a prize.

Neetika’s Corner where you will find beautiful poetry

And even though I don’t know this guy, Texts from Dog because I read every one of those posts while I was depressed last week and it cracked me up and now I’m better and I attribute it all to him. Hilarious. Check it out.

Also, I’ve no idea why WordPress recommended “Fraud” as a tag for this post. Possibly WordPress is accusing me of being a fraud because it doesn’t think I’m a good enough writer to deserve any blogging awards, even if they are just chain letters with a picture of the ABC attached. I don’t care for your judgmental attitude, WordPress.  I’m not a fraud. Miss Four Eyes really did nominate me and even though she spelled my name wrong I’m still pretty certain I’m not stealing or committing fraud by accepting the award. You can vouch for me, right??

I’m using the tag anyway because it made me laugh. You’re lucky that Jester Gen is in charge right now, WordPress, and not Tantrum Gen because that girl is likely to DELETE HER BLOG in response to your unfounded accusations. Let that be a warning to you.

(PS Unbalanced Gen talks to inanimate objects. Just ask anyone, and check out my tag “Talking to the inanimate”)