Many years ago, I invented a game. It began as a simple statement: “I love you like a …” and then you input a metaphor. Because for some reason I like to challenge myself to play with words in this way. You’re not meant to think, you just say whatever pops into your mind. And then you have to justify said statement.
Brad turned out to be far better at my game than I was. He told me: “I love you like a clock. All of the time.”
Meanwhile, the best I could come up with was “I love you like a lovely thing.” Because everyone loves lovely things.
Speaking of lovely things, I got two nominations for the One Lovely Blog award.
To see which lovely people love me so much, you should check out The Bliss Project (my favourite post is the one about her obsession with tree pose, because I, too, like to be a tree) and Raising The Curtain, whose wrestle with the fire detector really struck a loud, screeching chord with me too.
To celebrate being so Lovely, I’m going to share 7 things about myself that you might not have already worked out.
 – I once played The Prince in Cinderella. It was not an all-girls school. Come to think of it, I also played Romeo, Superman, and Barry in Living With Lady Macbeth. Huh. I guess the difficult task is trying to remember any female parts I played onstage. So far, I’ve got nothing. (Also – yes, I was a pretty keen drama student. Drama Queen Gen was far more prevalent than Anxiety Gen back then.)
– I’ve worn glasses ever since I can remember, and have hated them pretty much ever since I can remember. For years I wore contact lenses whenever possible, but due to a freak contact lens accident at the end of last year, I am traumatised and can no longer consider putting one of those things near my eye.
– Contrary to popular belief and overwhelming observable evidence of a rosy nature, pink is not, in fact, my favourite colour. I actually prefer blue.
– I have six brothers. I am the only girl. This might explain a lot of things about me.
– I hate David Eddings. I’m pretty sure he has no respect for his readers (honestly, David, I did NOT need you to tell me 6 times in one paragraph that it was snowing) and in return I resent the space he takes up on Brad’s bookshelf.
– I love plastic cheese. That is all.
– When I was in kindergarten I was so bad at tying my shoelaces that when everyone was given a gold, silver or blue star based on their skill and competency, I got a stamp. I still struggle with tying knots.
So there you go. Now you know all sorts of useless things about me. Feel free to discuss or ask questions if you wish. You can even argue about Eddings if you want, but be warned that I have taken against him and won’t change my mind.
In return for receiving this lovely award, I am also meant to pass it on to 7 other bloggers. But I’m not fooled, you see, because I can read and I can count and the award states One Lovely Blog, so although many of you deserve recognition, I am going to pass this award to just one blogger.
And it is a lovely blog. It may not be to everyone’s taste. It is all about God, and religion can be a contentious issue. But it is very refreshing to meet someone who strives to be peaceful, loving and to actually live in a way that God would be proud of, rather than waging war on others in the name of Christ.
And that is why I am nominating Elaine from At Home With God for the One Lovely Blog award. Here’s a girl who thinks about her actions every single day. No matter who you are or what you believe, that is lovely. Thank you for being one of my first followers, Elaine, and thank you for always being open-minded and thoughtful.