My brother is hilarious. It must run in the family.


Last night while I was lying in bed, something dawned on me.  In a matter of days (a little more than one day now), I’m going to get on a plane, which will fly roughly 20,000km and dump me in a country I’ve never been to, in a town I hadn’t heard of until 2 months ago, and leave me there until next year.

This realisation was followed by something of a panic attack.  Have I ever been away from my family for this kind of period before?  I find a semester of university back here at home hectic enough when I’m surrounded by familiarity and stability to take comfort in, is it really a good idea going through all that again with the added pressure of not wasting the time I have in America under Australian taxpayer sponsorship?  (ps. I’d like to thank the Australian taxpayers for footing the…

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