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Today Teddy and I played a game I like to call Rorschach.

Tristan painting 2

You can probably deduce from the pictures just how much fun it is.

And I discovered that my son is an artistic genius. See the resemblance to Van Gogh’s sunflowers and Munch’s Scream?

Masterpieces 2

It’s uncanny, isn’t it? And not at all disturbing that someone would turn their baby’s footprint into a distressing surrealist image.

Guess what?! Now you can play Rorschach too! Just have a look at the third baby painting below, and tell me what you think Teddy’s getting at. If you provide me with visual stimulus so that I can see it too, I’ll finish off the final canvas with one of your ideas. As an added bonus, I’ll even send it to you (if you want it).

012 (2)

With any luck I can get him to autograph it, but don’t hold your breath. He isn’t too good with his hands yet. Those sunflowers were meant to be handprints, and not an ink blot test at all …

So what do you think? What is baby Teddy’s final picture?