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Gen: I wish I got a Happy Meal. It comes with a caterpault. Kids are throwing chips everywhere. I’m jealous.

Kasey: I feel like someone may not have thought that through.

Gen: I know! If they had, they’d give them to everyone!

Brad: I suspect the people who market these things don’t really consider how people might use them to make a mess of the McDonald’s store.

Gen: No, obviously not. Otherwise they’d never put pickles on anything either.

Then Brad went on eating his fries while I watched the kids play their game in envious fascination. Until …

Gen: The aim of the game seems to be to catch the fries in your mouth. This concerns me because they keep picking up the dropped ones off the floor.

Kasey: Well, you can’t just give up!


Boy (to girl): Aim properly!

Yep. That would be my hope too.